The Red Convertible Summary

The Red Convertible Summary: Lyman Lamartine, a young American Indian man, living in North Dakota, remembers his first car, a red convertible Oldsmobile, unprecedented on his reservation. The car used to be his and his brother’s, but now, he claims, Henry owns the whole car, and Lyman has to walk everywhere he goes. Lyman has … Read more

American Muckraker Summary and Review

The public is clamoring for the release of James O’Keefe’s third book, “American Muckraker”. As of this writing, it is already number one on the Amazon Bestseller List in the category “Professional Responsibility Law and Ethics”…. and it is not yet available. The subtitle is telling, “Rethinking Journalism for the 21st Century”. Objective journalism has … Read more

The Summer Proposal Review and Summary

I do not even understand where to start with my review of The Summer Proposal. I always “one click” anything Vi Keeland writes  because I’m never dissatisfied and this book proves it. I may be left with a difficult book hangover after I ended up reading her work, but I would not change a single … Read more

American Marxism Summary

INTRODUCTION A lot of people sense that America is under attack by American-despising powers and stress that our freedoms are really in danger. Imprint Levin’s new book, “American Marxism,” affirms those apprehensions, uncovered the chilling points and techniques for these pernicious gatherings, and gives a diagram to reestablish America to a way of recuperation. Levin … Read more

Atlas of the Heart Brené Brown

In Atlas of the Heart Brené Brown unpacks the complex web of emotion, habits, and ideas that are triggered by our experiences, and gives us the nuanced language to completely comprehend our feelings and reveal them to others. In the beginning look, this appears like an extremely thorny topic, but Brown engages the reader through … Read more

The Real Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci Rand Paul Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul have been going at it for months in a series of Congressional hearings. This new book by RFK, Jr. lays out many of the points of conflict between the two men. I thought I comprehended what was going on from an expert perspective. However this is … Read more

Mindset Summary by Carol Dweck

Every now and again you encounter a book that is not simply interesting, helpful, instructional or insightful, and not just changes the way. you think, but changes the way you see the world. Mindset takes you through a journey of the differences in between a “growth mindset” and “fixed mindeset” what that suggests and how … Read more

The 5AM Club PDF

The 5 AM Club PDF Rising at 5 AM truly is a cornerstone in your foundation of good habits. Joining The 5 AM Club is not easy, but if can develop this challenging habit, then other good habits will follow. This habit is like the first stage of a rocket headed into orbit. Beginning each … Read more