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Have you ever wondered – how your thoughts are created?

We think that everything is natural. Our thoughts can’t be controlled and we can’t achieve what we want. But, believe it or not, your subconscious mind can play a crucial role in your thought process.

Jen Sincero in her book – You Are a Badass, has beautifully explained our thought process and how we can think clearly.

The summary of the book is discussed below to give you a glimpse of the book. So, read it and you might become a fan of Jen Sincero.

3) Erase Your Ego

1) How Everything Happened

Our subconscious mind has a ton of unfiltered information. Now, this information actually influences our thoughts. We believe what our subconscious mind makes us to believe.

From childhood, we experience so many events and incidents. Jane says these memories have a deep impact on our subconscious mind. Hence, whatever we think, we are influenced by those beliefs. But, we don’t know anything about those memories. We remain completely unaware of those memories and beliefs.

2) Connect To The Limitless Power

In the opinion of Jen, everybody has a source of limitless power inside them. A person just has to connect to it. But, very few people can connect to it. That’s why people can’t feel the limitless spiritual power inside them.

It’s the GOD who has made us. Once you connect to HIM, you can feel – how powerful you are! So, meditate and connect to God’s supreme power.

When we make our decisions, our ego influences us. The Ego is the real evil and its garbage inside your subconscious mind.

If you want to achieve something, then think without your ego. Stop following others and stop living other people’s lives. Try to experience your true self. Your ego is restricting you from becoming who you are. With Ego, your mind is sleeping.

So, drive away your ego and wake up. You can feel a superpower within yourself. That’s your true self.

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4) Welcome Your Inner Badass

You have to love yourself. Just forgive yourself and think you are the gifted one. Think positively and don’t doubt yourself. The entire universe is ready to help you. But, you just have to love yourself.

You should do things that you love. If you have self-deprecating humor, then ditch it. You should never compare yourself to others and you should celebrate yourself. In this way, you can welcome your inner badass.

5) Don’t Listen To What Others Think

You should never think of what other people are saying about you. If you live in fear, then you can’t become what you should be.

People will always give their opinions. But, you should always listen to yourself. You are completely responsible for your decisions. You should have extreme self-control and you should have control over what you say and do. Don’t live in fear, do the things that you love.

6) Your Unique Journey to Happiness

To reach the happiest point in your life, you shouldn’t immerse yourself in thinking. Just take your first step and you can see the next move. Try to find the things that you do in the best way. Always listen to your (inner) intuition and don’t restrict yourself to dreaming. Love yourself and follow your dreams. Thus, you can finish the happiest journey of your life.

7) Meditate

Meditation can help you to think positively. Positive thinking is a sharp weapon to control your brain. There is no rule of meditation. You just have to think that you are meditating. That’s it. You can start meditating whenever you want.

8) Change Your Thinking

Your thinking can change your life. If you think negatively, then you can’t make great decisions. Hence, think positively. When you change your thinking, you can see everything around you is changing. That’s why positive thinking is the best tool to start changing your life in a good direction.

9) Forgive Everybody

To experience ultimate freedom, you should learn to forgive. Forgiveness can save you from anger and resentment. All the negativity that is living inside you will go away. Once you learn to forgive, you can feel a lightness in your mind. You will become happy and you will feel good.

10) Fight Your Own B.S.

Jen says you should be determined to reach your goal. You should never waste your time creating excuses. Rather, you should have clear thinking. To become successful, you should stay away from procrastination. It will only hold you back from reaching your goals. If you are seriously concerned about your success, then nothing can stop you.

11) Losers Are Only Afraid

Fear is real. But, that doesn’t mean that you should see everything in fear. Your unknown future may not be bad. You don’t know what is coming. So, you should never be afraid of your future. Rather you should have a positive attitude towards your future. You should believe that your future will be happy and positive. You Are a Badass Book PDF

12) Get Out There and Kick Some Ass

You have to make tough decisions. If you think, life is a comfortable place, then you may not be right. You have to go ahead and you have to fail. You can’t achieve success without being failed. So, don’t quit and march forward with a confident mind. You can make great decisions and you will become successful.

13) Money: The Most Important Factor

Money is the biggest factor in today’s world. You have to spend some money to bring change to your life. So, try to gather some money. You can borrow it or you can get a loan. But, gather it and invest it to make your life better. It’s not so easy to think of all these things. But, believe in yourself and take a leap of faith.

14) Face The Challenges

Being uncomfortable is a part of a successful life. So, if you are spending a comfortable life, then you are not going to earn success. So, get up and take control of your life. Put your ideas into action and win your life. Struggle and face the challenges. Only then you can taste success in your life. You Are a Badass Book PDF.

Jen Sincero has written this serious book and the book can truly change your life. Every page of this book can inspire you to bring change in your life. You can understand – how to think positively and how to make the right decisions. So, read this book and design your own life.

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