Eckhart Tolle The Power Of Now Summary

The Power of Now will introduce you to yourself. It will enable you to regulate your thought and live a fulfilled life. You will learn spending time in the future is like wasting it. It will help you to embrace the present. You will stop worrying about the future. In one sentence summary, The Power of Now is all about embracing the present. You will know how to live your present life to the fullest.

The author, Eckhart Tolle, was going through a severe depression. He was looking for ways to eliminate negative thoughts. During his struggle, he felt motivated to know more about life. He wanted to know why life becomes unbearable sometimes. Ultimately, he found an answer and wanted to share it with others.

He managed to change his thought process one night. While questioning his inner being, he found an answer. He realized that everything hides in him- in his existence. He can change his life and eliminate all the negative thoughts by observing his mind. Yes, he woke up with a lot of positivity. Also, he managed to change his worrying nature. That helped him to live in the present.

He spent several years without doing anything. He enjoyed his peace and started loving life again. The Power of Now is the experience of his journey from negativity to tranquility. The book has gathered a lot of appreciation. Also, it was the New York Times bestseller in 2000. Even celebrities recommend this book for self-improvement.


The objective of Power of Now is to help people to worry less and enjoy more. You can live in the present and eliminate all the negative thoughts. Here are three things you will learn from this book.

* Embrace Your Present
* Do Not Try to Change
* Observe Your Mind


Many of us bother more about the future. We do not know how to live in the present. However, a fulfilled present life can shape your future. Hence, you will have to live in the present instead of worrying over the future. You can ask anyone about worries, and all of them will have many. Yes, we have the habit of worrying over something. The reason behind such nature is our mind. Our constant stream of thoughts focuses on two things. Yes, all our thoughts revolve around the past and future.

Where is the present? Do we live in the present? We can take a simple example. One day, we woke up a bit late in the morning. When we realize that it is late, we will start blaming ourselves for sleeping late. “Oh My God, I could have slept earlier. Now, everything will be late. How will I manage to finish my work?”

You are thinking about what you have done and what you will do. You will waste half of your day in negative and self-blaming thoughts. What will be the benefit? Nothing, you will only attract negativity and stress.

Eckhart Tolle says that we think everything except our present. However, the present matters the most. Everything you do takes place in the present. Also, the past is nothing more than some gone present moments. When it comes to the future, it is also some present moments that will happen later. Hence, you will have to live in the present. Instead of regretting the past and worrying over the future, you will have to embrace the present. Yes, you will notice a significant difference in your thoughts and achievements with this approach.


We all feel depressed and helpless when we cannot change something. But you do not need to change a lot of things. Hence, you will have to stop trying. As said by Tolle, pains come when we try to change something without any success. We think about the past and future. We cannot change the past, and the future is uncertain. Therefore, you will have to live in the present. Yes, you must not try to change a thing that has already happened or going to happen. You have no control over them, and they should not dominate your thought.

If you keep trying, you will end up achieving nothing. That will make you even more vulnerable. Hence, you will have to eliminate all the thoughts roaming in the past and future.


Your mind is more powerful than anything else. If you observe your mind, you can find the source of the pain. You can find the path of negative thoughts. Once you find the reason, you can guide your mind in a better way. Yes, you can do this. Tolle has recommended two things to develop positive thoughts.

* Observe your mind consistently and ask about its next thought
* Do not judge your urges and thoughts

The first one has come from physics. You might know about the quantum zero effect. According to this, you have the power to freeze a system in the current state with constant observation. If you ask your mind continuously, the natural thought process takes a pause. You can interrupt your mind and divert its working process. Instead of following its usual thought path, your mind will work differently.

You will have to ask your mind continuously. But you cannot judge your thoughts. Instead, you will have to listen and accept the nagging thoughts. You should know how your mind works and how to change it to make it better. Next time, when you wake up late, negative thoughts might come. You will have to accept them. But you do not need to act on them.

These two ways can separate your body from your thought-driven mind. You will feel less pain since you will have control over your situation. You will not react to your thought and waste your time.

In addition to all these, you will learn about your ego. That acts as a barrier in the way of your happiness. You will know how to live happily in the present and eliminate negative thoughts gradually. You can understand your mind and make changes to attract positivity into your life.