Summaries Of The Books You Love


Books form the foundation of every modern culture. People are mortal but, because of books, their ideas and knowledge are immortal. Putting ideas into written form says nothing about the ideas themselves; some are wonderful, others are absurd, still others have led to tyranny, genocide, warfare and so many other ills.

It is impossible to keep up with the torrent of new books published every day in the United States. In 2021, it is estimated that there may have been as many as one million new books published, roughly split evenly between self published titles and those published by third party businesses. Therefore, each day about another 2,700 titles are published!


We curate then summarize books that we judge to be worthy of the attention of book lovers everywhere. A summary is not meant to take the place of reading the book, but rather to serve as a sort of “movie trailer”. If you are intrigued by the summary then get on down to your local library or brick and mortar book retailers. If you prefer the internet, then Lord Knows there is no shortage of websites from which to choose.


Reading can change the trajectory of your life. It shapes your personality, your way of thinking and your reflexive thoughts. Reading helps you to develop your imagination, keeps you serene and makes you a wiser person. When you read a story your mind will jump ahead of you and it will try to work out the developing plots of a mystery. Here I will share with you 6 great advantages of reading books.

1.) Reading Book Will Inspire You

I do believe something very magical happen when you read a good book.” – J.K Rowling

Reading good books shapes your whole personality. It changes the way you think and gives you a new perspective of life. If you want to inspire the world or if you want to inspire yourself start reading good books. Reading good books will change the way you think, talk, act and how you behave. The successful people are student of their calling they never stop learning they learn from everywhere, if you want to become successful in life you need to develop the habit of reading books. 

You will never know how valuable reading is until you start reading books to advance your career. The people who become successful in life are the ones who develop the habit of reading books. We are just 2 or 3 habits away from changing our life; reading good books is one of them.

2.) Reading Books Will Motivate You

If you want to keep yourself motivated for the long term then you should be reading inspiring books. Even 10 to 20 minutes of daily motivational reading is enough to keep most people pointed n the right direction. There is a saying “knowledge is power. Don’t you want more power to control your destiny?

3.) Reading Books Will Make You a Better Writer

You can’t become a great writer until you become a great reader. A great writer is also a great reader. If you want to become a successful writer develop the habit of reading books. Being well-read helps you to express and communicate your thoughts.

4.) Reading Books Can Change Your Life

You can transform your life by developing the habit of reading books. Reading the stories of successful people will teach you how they overcame the obstacles they faced. 

Reading is a most important habit of successful people’s life they never escape reading from their habits. Instead of watching movies or Netflix, try reading some of the books we curate for you here. 

If you want to change the world change yourself first. Reading is a tried and true way of doing just that.

5.) Gives You Purpose to Live

When you have a purpose to live you will find your work meaningful which, in turn, gives you the energy to work and preserve. It doesn’t matter how much stress you are living with, it slips away when you immerse yourself in a literary classic. You can increase your ability to concentrate by reading. Reading also opens your mind to new way of thinking to the world perceiving and doing things that once you thought was impossible or not achievable. 

6.) Reading Books Can Change Your Thinking

Reading books help you develop focus, patience and increase your attention span. Reading books enhances your imagination by providing mental stimulation. Reading helps you relax, improves your listening skills, and makes you a great conversationalist.