The 4 Hour Work Week Summary

If you are spending all your time managing your business, it can be detrimental to your health. It is essential to read the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris to become efficient. He has provided proven ways to reduce the workload and increase the business process efficiency. You have to go through four steps to free yourself from work-related stress. We have arranged details of these steps to help you follow them with ease.


In the definition phase, you will define your new goals. It is crucial to understand the new rich philosophy. You can multiply your money if you can control some aspects of your life. Ideally, it is essential to define the place, schedule, and people around you. Most things we believe today are incorrect. People should avoid waiting for retirement to enjoy their life because It is the worst-case scenario. They think that you should work every day. It is wrong as you should only work when you are most productive and effective. If you work less, you are not lazy because your productivity might be more than people working every day. It is crucial to avoid waiting for the right time because there is never a right time to start something new.

You have to consider yourself a troublemaker and ask for forgiveness rather than permission. It is necessary to know that money is not the solution alone because it is nothing without pleasures in life. It is crucial to focus on the relative income as earning a million dollars in America is not the same in Brazil. It is also essential to define your fear at this stage. If you do not identify your fear, your brain will go to the worst conclusion. It is better to analyze the type of damage your decisions can produce. You should also prepare steps to repair the damage. If you truly understand your fears, they will become easy to understand. This book does not allow you to get unambiguous. It is crucial to keep a sharp focus on your goals in this step to move forward.


It is essential to understand that doing something unimportant the whole day will not make it an important task. You should learn from the 80/20 rule. Out of all the work you do every day, 20% gives an 80% output. It means that you can eliminate the remaining 80% to get the same results while using 20% of the time. The businessman needs to ignore the media that distract him from his goals. You should only consume the information that is relevant to your tasks.

After you shortlist everything that reduces your productivity, you can eliminate these tasks from your to-do list. It will free your time to do work that gives 80% of the results. There is no need to do long meetings as you can provide all the information concisely to all your staff using email. You can also work on the tasks in the form of batches. Compile all the tasks in the same category and keep them aside until you feel more productive and finish the tasks in that batch once. You can also use some ways to limit distractions. If you only allow urgent calls to your cellular phone, you can save many hours from your day.


After you have eliminated the tasks that are non-productive and time-consuming, you can go for the automation phase. In this step, you can hire a personal assistant and delegate all the time-consuming tasks that are well defined. You should also use technology to automate your work. If you can automate something, there is no need to delegate it to others. Delegation should only come into play when it is impossible to do finish a task without human interference.

The goal is to create an automatic business. It does not require any effort and produces money continuously. You can start by doing everything till you reach 50 orders. After that, you can use the service of the fulfillment companies to do everything. In the final phase, you can take the help of the fulfillment company or an assistant to do everything without your interference. This way, you can save time and get unlimited business. Your business growth will not be limited as everything is automatic. You cannot move to the next step of your company are not using the means of automation. You should choose a business that is easy to automate. When you start with an accurate way, there are higher chances of success.


It is the final stage of the process. In this phase, you need to disappear from the office. Libration is the output of all your efforts. You can work in a cafe for two hours a day before going to the office to ensure your company can handle the libration process. You cannot take many days off if you are not sure about the automation level of your company. Most people do not want to work remotely because of some fears. You need to avoid thinking about these fears.

Some may think that it is detrimental to their resume. Others consider that their company may lose if they are not present. All these things can be true if you have not implemented the automation phase correctly. After you are sure that you have done everything according to the plan, you need to go for the long breaks. A two-week vacation is a good start. As your company is ready to handle the workload, you can choose the mini-retirement. You take a break for a few months to enjoy and start thinking about your next business adventure.


By looking at the steps in this book, we can conclude that income is not absolute. If you can work in the USA and live in a low-cost country, you can live the lifestyle of a millionaire without spending much of your income. It is possible by automating your company and eliminating unimportant tasks. If you follow the 80/20 rule of productivity, you can run the company remotely and live happily with a 4-hour workweek.