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Book Author : Brian Tracy
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Let’s Talk About Author First : Brian Tracy is one of the most popular professional speakers in the world. He addresses more than 100,000 men and women each year in private and public talks and seminars. His fast-moving, informative and entertaining seminars on personal success, sales, leadership and motivation draw capacity audiences in the U.S., Canada, and throughout Europe and Asia.
Brian Tracy has produced more than 100 audio and video learning programs covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance. These programs, which have taken more than twenty-five years of research and experience to develop, are some of the most effective learning tools in the world. 
Maximum Achievement Summary
Author Says If you do the right things in the right way, you’ll get the results you desire. If you can determine exactly what it is you want, you can find out how others have achieved it before you. If you then do the same things they have done, you’ll achieve the same results they have.
Whatever you want you can have, if you want it badly enough, and if you are willing to persist long enough and hard enough in doing what others have done to accomplish similar things before you. 
Make Your Life a Masterpiece 
Author Says Never have more people accomplished more things in more different fields than they are accomplishing today. More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than at any other time in history. 
No matter who you are or what your situation, you have within you, right now, the ability to accomplish more than you ever have before. You have the potential to exceed all your previous levels of accomplishment.
You must start with your ideal, your vision of a perfect future. You begin unlocking your inner powers by lifting up your eyes and “seeing” your life exactly as if it were already perfect in every respect.
Peace of Mind
Author Says Peace of mind is your internal gyroscope. When you are living in harmony with your highest values and your innermost convictions—when you are perfectly balanced in life—then you enjoy peace of mind.
Happiness is your birthright. It belongs to you. It is not something you experience occasionally if you’re lucky. Peace of mind is central to your very existence. It is the basic precondition for enjoying everything else. 
Author Says you are only successful as a person to the degree to which you can achieve your own happiness, your own contentment, your own sense of personal well-being—in short, your own peace of mind.
If you achieve all kinds of things in the material world, but you lose your health or your peace of mind, you get little or no pleasure from your other accomplishments.
Your Multidimensional Mind
Author says your subconscious mind is your central processing unit. Your main job in achieving any goal is to reprogram this unit so that what you think, feel and believe becomes the mental equivalent of exactly what you want to experience and enjoy. 
Author when you think a thought, for any reason, it often triggers another thought, or even a stream of consciousness that takes you far away from the original thought.
Author says what you read can affect your thoughts, images, feelings, words and actions, and these can in turn influence what you read next. The people around you, your conversations, will influence how you speak, walk, talk and behave.
You must take control of the internal and external aspects of your life and get them all playing in harmony around a central theme of your own choosing.
The Law of Control
Author says The Law of Control says that you feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life, and you feel negative about yourself to the degree to which you feel that you are not in control.
Author says self-discipline, self-mastery, self-control all begin with you taking control of your thinking. No person or situation can make you feel anything—it is only the way you think about a situation that makes you feel the way you do.
The Law of Belief
The Law of Belief says that whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. The more intensely that you believe something to be true, the more likely it is that it will be true for you.
If you believe that success is a matter of luck or accident, then you will easily become discouraged and disappointed whenever things don’t work out for you. Your beliefs set you up for either success or failure.
if you believe it strongly enough, it becomes your reality. You walk, talk, behave and interact with others in a manner consistent with your beliefs. Even if your beliefs are totally false, if you believe them, they will be true for you. 
The Master Program
Author says Everything that happens to you, everything you become and accomplish is determined by the way you think, by the way you use your mind. As you begin changing your mind, you begin changing your life.
You can develop, improve and change your acquired attributes over time through study and practice, but the process is slow and deliberate, requiring patience, discipline and considerable effort.
Your attitude is the way you approach life. It is your “angle of attack.” It is your general mental tone and the outward expression of your thoughts and feelings.
A positive mental attitude is a generally optimistic and cheerful way of greeting the people, problems and events that you encounter throughout your day. 
If you expect good things to happen to you, you’ll be positive and optimistic in your approach to people and situations. If you look for the good in others, you’ll probably find it. If you expect something wonderful to happen to you today, it probably will.
The Rules of Self-Esteem
Author Says there are two rules of self-esteem and self-liking: Rule number one is that you can never like or love anyone else more than you like or love yourself. You can’t give away what you don’t have.
Rule number two is that you can never expect anyone else to like or love you more than you like, love or respect yourself. 
The Saboteur of Success
Author says destructive criticism is one of the most harmful of all human behavior. It lowers self-esteem, creates poor self-image, and undermines the individual’s performance in everything he or she attempts. 
Destructive criticism makes the individual feel incompetent and inadequate. He or she feels angry and defensive and wants to strike back or escape. Performance nosedives.
Children who are criticized for their schoolwork soon develop a negative association between schoolwork and how they feel about themselves. They begin to hate it and avoid it whenever possible.
Programming Your Mind For Success
Author says the things you think about, and the way you think about them, determine your levels of health, wealth and happiness in every area of your life.
You can tell how much you really want anything by how willing you are to discipline your thinking in such a way that you keep your mind on only the things you want, and off of the things you don’t want.  
Author says You have created your life today by all of your previous thinking. You are where you are and what you are because of yourself. You can change your future at any time by taking control of your conscious mind from this point forward. 
To achieve different results, you must become a different person. You must change your goals and ideals for yourself and develop a new self-image.
The first and for most people the most difficult obstacle you will face is within yourself. It is your unconscious striving to remain consistent with what you’ve said and done in the past that holds you back.
The Law of Habit
Autor says virtually everything you do is the result of habit. The way you talk, the way you work, drive, think, interact with others, spend money and deal with the important people in your life are all largely habitual.
Your habits are major obstacles to your becoming the kind of person you want to be. Your habitual ways of thinking, feeling, talking and behaving are often roadblocks that stand between where you are today and where you really want to go.
Habits are only good as long as they serve you, as long as their effect is to continually enrich and improve your life. Success and failure, happiness and unhappiness, are largely the result of habit, of the automatic ways you respond and react to what’s going on around you.
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What is maximum achievement summary ?

The Brian Tracy says you are only successful as a person to the degree to which you can achieve your own happiness, your own contentment, your own sense of personal well-being—in short your own peace of mind.

Who wrote the book maximum achievement ?

Brian Tracy is the author of book maximum achievement. Brian Tracy is one of the most popular professional speakers in the world. He addresses more than 100,000 men and women each year in private and public talks and seminars.

What we can learn from the book maximum achievement ?

The author says a feeling of freedom is essential to the achievement of any other important goal, and you cannot be free until and unless you have enough money so that you are no longer preoccupied with it

What are the main points from the book maximum achievement ?

. Make your life a master piece
. Peace of mind
. Your multidimensional mind
. The law of control
. The law of belief
. The Rules of self-esteem
. Programming your mind for success
. The law of habit