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Author : Tom C Corley
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                   Rich Habits Summary

Good daily habits are the foundation of success. Successful people differ from unsuccessful people in their daily habits. Successful people have many good and few bad daily habits.
Unsuccessful people have many bad and few good daily habits. Most successful people are not even aware that they possess such habits. This is why defining success has always been difficult.
No person will ever be successful until they can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Self-assessment requires brutal honesty.
A simple and foolproof approach to assessing ourselves is to look at our daily patterns of living, our daily habits. By recognizing our daily habits we gain keener insights into our individual strengths and weaknesses.
Understanding that our own bad daily habits are preventing us from becoming successful represents the first and most significant step on the path toward financial success.

Rich Habit : I will set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long term. I will focus on my goals each and every day 

Successful people are goal-oriented. They create goals all the time. Daily goals are represented in their daily to-do lists. Long-term goals are broad initiatives to be accomplished at specified points.
Successful people focus on work at work, and leave their family and personal matters outside the office in an effort to achieve their business goals.
Successful people are long-term thinkers. They are constantly looking to the future in an effort to determine where they are in terms of accomplishing their goals. They do not dwell on the past – no daydreaming about past successes or failures.
Unsuccessful people are not goal-oriented. Like leaves on a fall day, they float in the air aimlessly, without direction. They allow the distractions of daily living to affect their ability to perform their duties at work.

Daily Goals 

Before beginning each day, compile a Daily Goal/To-do List. List only those things that have a realistic probability (eighty percent chance) of being completed that day. Prioritize this list and set a specific time in which to tackle each item.
Successful people set goals and create a plan to reach those goals.

Rich Habit : I will engage in self-improvement every day

Successful people engage in the process of self-improvement every day. They read industry periodicals and technical material specific to their profession or trade. They become students of their industry, profession, or trade, and keep current with changes that occur.
Successful people read for self-improvement. They are perpetual students. Each day they devote blocks of time to better themselves by studying subject matter that will improve them in some way and better enable them to perform their jobs.
Unsuccessful people are not students of their industry, profession, or trade. They do not routinely follow their industry. They do not regularly read industry periodicals. They would rather spend hours each day watching television or engaged in “junk” reading.
Self-improvement involves engaging is some activity every day that will improve your mind and expand your knowledge to better your career. Expanding knowledge within your industry is a self-improvement activity that you must engage in.

Rich Habit : I will devote part of each and every day in caring for my health.

Successful people make a concerted effort to eat right and exercise every day. They consider not only what they eat, but also how much they eat. They manage their consumption of food. Successful people do not binge or overindulge in food or drink.
For successful people, exercise is a routine, like brushing their teeth. They understand that daily exercise improves their bodies and minds. Routine exercise improves the immune system and results in fewer sick days.
Successful people have a system or routine for weight management that works best for them. Some have sophisticated systems, some less sophisticated, but they “manage ” their weight.
Unsuccessful people have no consistent, day-to-day control over their health. They are always in search of the latest and greatest quick-fix diet idea. 
Morning may be the best time to engage in exercise activity. By preceding the work day, you are less likely to be pulled away by scheduling issues or conflicts that often occur during the day.

Rich Habit : I will devote each and every day to forming lifelong relationships 

To successful people, relationships are like gold. They tend to relationships like a farmer tends crops, nurturing them every day, remembering names, birthdays, gifts for newborns, and interacting frequently. 
Successful people seek to help their relationships and their business associates, even when there is nothing in it for them. They are focused on others, rather than on themselves.
For successful people, networking is a prerequisite to their success. They develop systems and processes as tools to assist them in networking efforts. 
Successful people are students of relationship building. They faithfully return phone calls right away. They continuously seek out ways to improve their relationships.  
Successful people are students of relationship building. They faithfully return phone calls right away. They continuously seek out ways to improve their relationships.

Rich Habit : I will live each and every day in a state of moderation

To live in moderation means to live a balanced life – no extremes. Successful people avoid excesses, wild emotional swings, addictions, obsessions, binging, starvation, extravagances, and fanatical behavior.
Successful people do not procrastinate. They do not put off until tomorrow what they can do today. They are focused on accomplishing things. They create “todo” lists to record and plan the accomplishments desired for each day.
Successful people eat, drink, entertain, and live moderate lifestyles. Contrary to what many believe, and as a general rule, their homes, cars, personal effects, vacations, etc., are not extravagant.
Unsuccessful people live in extremes. They eat too much and drink too much. They overreact to events. They permit their emotions to swing in extreme manners, which create great conflict and pain in their relationships.
Unsuccessful people have little control over their lives. They have wild swings in their moods, which result in strained health, strained relationships, and strained finances.

Rich Habit : I will accomplish my daily tasks each and every day. I will adopt a “do it now” mindset 

Successful people do not procrastinate. They do not put off until tomorrow what they can do today. They are focused on accomplishing things. They create “todo” lists to record and plan the accomplishments desired for each day. 
Successful people are goal-oriented. They set goals and achieve them. They are constantly completing tasks and projects in a timely manner. They are proactive. 
Unsuccessful people procrastinate. They delay, put off, and defer things that should and could be done that very day. Their procrastination creates problems that require immediate attention. 

Rich Habit : I will engage in rich thinking every day

Successful people are positive, enthusiastic, energetic, happy, and well-balanced individuals. They feel powerful, in control, confident, and energized. This is not by accident. They are disciples of Rich Thinking. 
Successful people control their thoughts and emotions. Bad thoughts are displaced immediately by good thoughts. They understand that allowing a bad thought even a second of life will permit the bad thought to take root and eventually change their behavior in a negative way.
Successful people think rich thoughts every day. They use positive affirmations and visualization techniques to drive and alter their mindset. 
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