The Power of Self Confidence Summary
Author : Brian Tracy
About Author : Brian Tracy is a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant and is the chairman of Brian Tracy International, a training and consulting company based in Solana Beach, California. He is also a self-made millionaire. 
Brian learned his lessons the hard way. He left high school without graduating and worked as a laborer for several years. He washed dishes, stacked lumber, dug wells, worked in factories, and stacked hay bales on farms and ranches. 
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The Power of Self Confidence Summary

The good news is that you have extraordinary potential for success, achievement, and prosperity, with more talent and natural ability than you could use in a hundred lifetimes.
Every man or woman who has ever accomplished anything out of the ordinary has turned out to have greater self-confidence than the ordinary person.
When you develop yourself to the point where your belief in yourself is so strong that you know that you can accomplish almost anything you really want, your future will be unlimited.

Unlimited Self-Confidence

With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you would set bigger goals, make bigger plans, and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about.
With greater self-confidence, you would be a different person in every part of your work life and career.
If you had unlimited self-confidence, you would be more powerful, popular, and persuasive with other people. You would be more cheerful, likable, and welcome wherever you went.

The Roots of Low Self-Confidence 

The world is full of people who are not happy with their results, and yet they continue to do the same things, think the same thoughts, say the same things, and take the same actions, every day, and they are amazed that they continue to get the same negative effects.
Einstein’s definition of insanity was, “continuing to do the same things and expecting to get different results.” However, this is simply not possible. 
The law of cause and effect tells us that if we want to enjoy the effect of high self-confidence, we need only engage in the causes of high self-confidence.

You Become What You Think About 

Your thoughts and feelings about yourself, and what you can or cannot do, are the sum total result of a lifetime of experience and conditioning, and usually have little relationship to what is truly possible for you.
The more you dwell on the person you would like to be, with the qualities you would like to have, the more you implant those deep into your subconscious mind where they become part of your ongoing evolution.
You are where you are and what you are because of the thoughts that you have allowed to preoccupy your mind. 

Personal Growth Is Not Easy 

One of the most profound discoveries in all of human history is that “thought is creative.” Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind. Like begets like. Your thoughts become your realities
True happiness and success comes from living your life in harmony with the laws that govern your being.

Start with Your Inner Life 

If you want to enjoy self-confidence on the outside, you must practice complete integrity on the inside.
Men and women with the most rock-solid self-confidence are those who are absolutely clear about what it is they believe to be right and good and worthwhile.
You will have many ups and downs in life, but what is most important is that you remain “true to yourself.

Determine Your Values 

The starting point of developing high levels of self-confidence and in becoming a superior human being is for you to think through and to decide on your values.
Your starting point toward higher self-confidence and personal greatness is to, first of all, clarify your values for yourself.
When you look around you at the people you admire, what qualities of these people do you consider the most important?

Values Clarification 

If you’re having any difficulty in clarifying your values, a very helpful exercise is to take some time to write out your own obituary or eulogy.
Once you’ve decided on your values, your work is not over. Now you have to organize your values by priority.
 You have to decide which value is more important and which value is less important. 

Set Peace of Mind as Your Highest Principle

Living in truth means that you set peace of mind as your highest goal and as your core organizing principle. You select all your other goals to be consistent with it.
Living consistent with your values is the key to happiness, harmony, well-being, and high levels of self-confidence.
You do and say only those things that feel perfectly right for you.

Become More Confident and Competent

We develop the confidence to tackle larger goals by applying our energies to the accomplishment of smaller goals.
True self-confidence does not come from positive wishing or positive hoping or positive thinking. It comes from positive knowing based on having proven to yourself, over and over again.
Self-confidence is a state of mind. It is an attitude and, as an attitude, it is more important than facts.
Your thoughts create your life, including and especially your thoughts with regard to your feelings of self-confidence.

The Law of Attraction 

It says that you inevitably attract into your life the people, ideas, circumstances, and opportunities that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

The Importance of Goals 

The reason goals are so important in the development of self-confidence is because the very act of setting a major goal for your life activates all the mental laws in your favor.

The Comfort Zone

Most people are in comfort zones of their own making. Your attitude and personality, your habitual way of responding to people and to life, is your comfort zone.

The Attainment of Personal Greatness 

Great men and women are those who absolutely believe that they are put on this earth to do something wonderful with their lives.
To develop unshakable self-confidence, you need to see yourself and think of yourself as a leader, and to do what leaders do. 
You need to stretch yourself toward the outermost boundaries of your potential. 
Single-minded concentration in the direction of your dreams will intensify your desires and increase your emotional drive toward your goal. 
Once you have determined your major and minor goals, you construct your plans by making detailed lists of everything that you will have to do to achieve each goal, and then organizing the lists by time and priority.
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