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Book : The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
Author : Har Elrod
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About Author 
Befor talking about the Book “The Miracle Morning Summary ” Lets First discuss the book Author First : Hal Elrod is living proof that we all have the ability to overcome any obstacle and create the life of our dreams. At age 20, Hal was hit head on by a drunk driver, and found dead at the scene. Despite suffering permanent brain damage and being told he would never walk again, he has gone on to become an all-time record breaking sales rep, hall of fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner, bestselling author, international keynote speaker and hip-hop artist (his new m
He has dedicated his life to helping others overcome their challenges so that they can fulfill the unlimited potential that is within each of us.
He is the author of the bestselling book, Taking Life Head on: How To Love the Life You Have While You Create the Life of Your Dreams—one of the highest rated and most acclaimed books on Amazon.
Lets Begin The Miracle Morning Summary
The Miracle Morning Summary
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. —ALBERT EINSTEIN
Miracles do not happen in contradiction with nature, but in contradiction with what we know about nature. —SAINT AUGUSTINE
“Life’s too short” is repeated often enough to be a cliché, but this time it’s true. You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless; it’s painful.
You’ve got to wake up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. —GEORGE LORIMER
 “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”
How you wake up each day and your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life.
To make profound changes in your life, you need either inspiration or desperation. —ANTHONY ROBBINS

The 95% Reality Check

One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back in regret, knowing that you could have been, done, and had so much more. 
Every day you and I wake up, we face the same universal challenge: to overcome mediocrity and live to our full potential. It’s the greatest challenge in human history—to rise above our excuses, do what’s right.
Why Did YOU Wake Up This Morning?
You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. —GEORGE LORIMER
When you delay waking up until you have to—meaning you wait until the last possible moment to get out of bed and start your day—consider that what you’re actually doing is resisting your life.
There is no better day than today for us to give up who we’ve been for who we can become, and upgrade the life we’ve been living for the one we really want.
The Life S. A . V. E. R. S
S is for Silence
In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. —MAHATMA GANDHI
If you want to immediately reduce your stress levels, to begin each day with the kind of calm, clarity, and peace of mind that will allow you to stay focused on what’s most important in your life.
There’s no single right way to spend time in Silence. You can pray, meditate, focus on what you’re grateful for, or even engage in deep thought.
Success is something you attract by the person you become. —JIM ROHN
A is For Affirmation 
You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation, which clicks.
Affirmations are one of the most effective tools for quickly becoming the person you need to be to achieve everything you want in your life.
 Putting your affirmations in writing makes it possible for you to choose your new programming so it moves you towards that desired condition or state of mind by enabling you to consistently review it.
V is for Visualization
Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible. —CHERIE CARTER-SCOTT
See things as you would have them be instead of as they are.
Visualizing your goals and dreams is believed by some experts to attract your visions into your life. Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, there are practical applications for visualization.
E is for Exercise
If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness. —ROBIN SHARMA
You know that if you want to maintain good health and increase your energy, you must exercise consistently.
The only exercise most people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, sidestepping responsibility, and pushing their luck.
R is for Reading
A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. —MARK TWAIN
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul. We become the books we read. —MATTHEW KELLY
The fastest way to achieve everything you want is to model successful people who have already achieved it. With an almost infinite amount of books available on every topic, there are no limits to the knowledge you can gain through daily reading.
Before you begin reading each day, ask yourself why you are reading that book—what do you want to gain from it—and keep that outcome in mind.
S is for Scribing
Whatever it is that you write, putting words on the page is a form of therapy that doesn’t cost a dime. —DIANA RAAB
Ideas can come from anywhere and at any time. The problem with making mental notes is that the ink fades very rapidly. —ROLF SMITH
On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don’t do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy. —MATTHEW KELLY 
An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 
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